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L is showing off some hip bone!

The title of the story made me expect some werewolf AU, but it turned out to be just your average Light/L slash:

When The Wolf Calls

Two passages stuck out, though...

There was L's hip bone.
Between L's baggy clothing and strange postures, the bone would occasionally slip into view.

Yikes! I know what the author means, but the description makes me think the actual bone is visible...
Although, given this further musings by Light, I'm not too sure anymore:

Or...or was it smooth? Pleasant, like a polished river rock?

After the story skips over the sexy bedroom action, Light goes on to reminisce:

Strange, scrawny L...he couldn't block the memory of the taut back under his hands, or the ecstatic moment when he reached that sweet, velvety abyss...

I'm not sure what the "velvety abyss" is supposed to be, but since they were kissing just before, I suppose it's his mouth?
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