Pricetag a.k.a. Mom a.k.a. Margaret (mprice) wrote in badfic_quotes,
Pricetag a.k.a. Mom a.k.a. Margaret

Harry Potter/Twiilight crossover.

From the Just In page of the Pit.

I'm Alyson Potter and this my story !

SUMMARY: Bella swan is not clumsy shy girl people think she is she is a witch sister of James Potter now when she goes to school one day she sees one of her best friend and what if he has the most tragic news and what will happen after that Its better then u think i just dont know how to write good summaries

I wondered it the story contained any punctuation and found it to be completely unreadable because of HTML tagging bleeding into the actual text.

The summary alone just screams Mary Sue.
Tags: harry potter, twilight
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