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Badfic Quotes!
You just can't stop a train.
Super Smash No 
So people have been doing these summary word searches, so I did one too- with a twist. I did a search for summaries of fics for certain titles in the Super Smash Brothers series. They are from the section of the host game, and the word I used to find them is random.

Series- Mario
Word- Hat

mario gets mad at lugui for looking at his girlfriend so he punches him and causes ness to lose his hat that leaves them to have a argument

Look, it’s the rare Pokemon Lugia! Oh, wait, that’s just Luigi. And doesn’t this look like a classic of our time or what?

Series- The Legend of Zelda
Word- Embrace

Zelda Harkinian hates technology. Link Avalon is practically married to it. When their fates intertwine, will they reject the bond that brought them together or embrace their differences? And on top of that, they entire AV club is out to get Zelda! Zelink

Is this a high school AU or a fantasy AU? I can’t tell. Also, dat last name, Zelda.

Series- Kirby
Word- Picnic

Andrew and Ed are enjoying a lovely picnic when... their cake is stolen! The trail leads them to the world of Popstar. Joining Kirby, they go after the mysterious cake thief. Rule: If you read, YOU MUST REVIEW! I cannot stress that enough.

You heard the author. REED AND REVEIW, BEETCHES!

Series- Pokemon
Word- Seed

Here's the reason why not to eat watermelon seeds.

I don’t want to click it and find out.

Series- Metroid
Word- Warning

Timmy Turner is enjoying living it up thanks to his latest wish, but when he meets his new neighbor, Samus Aran, things get shaken up a bit.WARNING: This story is extremely dark even by my own standards. Read at your own risk.

A Samus/Timmy Turner fic. I have officially seen it all.

Series- Sonic
Word- Whale

Experience the epic story of that whale that chases you around in the first level of Sonic Adventure, feel his love, his anger, and all of his sorrow. Experience...Whale the Whale.

Another classic of our time.

And, of course, I can’t forget my main Smasher’s homeworld.

Series- Kid Icarus
Word- Promise

Thirteen angels with elements were defeated by Pit twenty five years ago. But now their back wanting revenge. What will they do to get revenge? What will happen to the certain someone in Pit's and Dark Pit's lives. Lots of OCS and the story is better than the summary we canpromise that.

This is a total mess. We have “reed teh storee, mai sumary sux” syndrome going on. And thirteen elemental angels? What? The angels in Kid Icarus don’t have any elemental powers!

Like I said, classics of our times.

Mods, I would like tags for Metroid and Kirby, please. Thank you!
4th-Feb-2015 04:46 am (UTC)
I'm kinda confused as to the existence of Super Smash Brothers fanfic, given that nearly all the characters have a parent game from which they stem.

OTOH, I'm morbidly curious about what I may find with the Final Boss Hand that you battle at the end of the game. #fingerbang
6th-Feb-2015 12:44 am (UTC)
People usually use either the joint universe seen in the Subspace Emissary or the "Smash Mansion", a made-up location where the characters stay when they aren't fighting. The goodfics work surprisingly well (despite everyone being from different universes and such). But the badfics...well..they're so bad it burns. Though that's true for every fandom.

Oh my lord, you mean Master Hand? Now I'm curious, too. I'm gonna go check it out now.
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