July 30th, 2015

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From HP fic )
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I'm taking you to the Animagi Support Society. - told him Dmbledore. - You're gonna like it there, Harry. *Established by Hermione?*
He is just like Voldemort - short, red-headed and wear glasses!
Tears were threading her face and her eyes were burning with hatered. She determinately shook them off her face.
Harry saw James shagging Sev in the pensive.
Will you give me the number of your owl so I could write to you?
- Fuck me, fuck me hard, Sevrus! - whispered Miona's aroused breasts. Man took off his pants, unbuttoned his trousers and throw them into the fire in the fireplace, removed his coat and mounted Hermione.
Avada Evanesco!  *"Hmm... Avada totalus? Maybe Finite Kedavra? No, that isn't gonna work either... Oh, I think it is  time for me to retire..." - mournfully thought Voldemort.*
Harry's trained brain put two and two together and draw a staggering conclusion *FOUR!*
He felt the need to mount his broom and run away from here. *Must be hard to run with a broom between your legs...*
Snape grabbed Harry's leg slightly over the elbow.
Good night, professor, - Hermione smiled at him with her sparkling black eye .
Dobby was a slave, but he was a free slave, and he loved Harry's sock!
Harry saw the snitch and almost fell off the broom with excitement.
Sirius faced the Counsil, showing them his package. They were impressed.
Dumbledore gazed kindly at Harry, playing with his wand under the table.
Filch started to run, but it was too late. Peeves already have finished with the Fat Lady's portrait, and flew away into the darkness yelping with satisfaction. Fat Lady only could cry with indignation.
Death Eaters stood in the Burrow's doorway. At the kitchen door stood Molly with a curving knife in her hand. Death  eaters exchandeg looks - Lucius was missing!
- Good morning, Jucius.
- Good morning, Minevra.
- Lord Volpendort you can, kill me, but you will never dominate the world!
- Why is that, you silly girl?
- Because you don't have pheniks eggs!
- ha-haha, omibous mugician roared with maniacal laughter. But I do have the eggs and he opened flappers of his robes and showed the eggs, everyone shyly turned away.