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It's... definitely been a while since I've posted anything here on LiveJournal. But I was poking through the RG Veda crossovers on FF.net and found this: a crossover between RG Veda and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle!

... wait. They're both CLAMP work, and Tsubasa is basically a massive crossover between most of CLAMP's work. And--and--

Never mind. Onward with some choice excerpts. It looks like the fic takes place during volumes 8-10 of RG Veda, if memory serves.
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Digimon Summaries of Joy

There doesn’t seem to be enough Digimon sporks. Which is a shame, because that fandom is full of lulzy people. Spork in bold.

Taiora-Years after Digimon, and a messy brake-up, Tai and Sora reunite
A brake-up? So...they have a problem with their car?

Sora is forced into a miai arranged marriage with Matt at fourteen, even though she want's to be with Tai. Sorato to Taiora.
If you want a translation from Fangirl Japanese to English, “miai” means “arranged marriage”. Calling the Department of Redundancy Department.

***CHAPTER 5*~*~ UP*~*~ Taichi is beating up takeru Abuse? whats this about Takeru and Hikari that has angered Taichi and made Sora so upset at Taichi! WHy is mimi being not herslef
Can someone help me read this? For added fun, the title is literally formatted like this- “Unsure*Feelings~*~”. The spelling and grammar inside is better than this, but still has some lulzy mistakes like Tai’s new last name, “Yamiga”.

Mimi is an officer from 100 years in the future who must travel back in time to stop the legendary man called Mega Playboy! The future depends on her success but what happens when the playboy is a loser who is allergic to girls? -Discontinued-
This is the summary of a badfic. It is also the summary for the anime DNA2. Hooray for originality!

Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke, Taichi, Sora, and Yamato all wander through this tale of sabbotage on the fronts of love. Kudos to Irving Berlin and Savage Garden for the songs, and the Wachowski Bros for a quote. Taichi is not very nice, so be warned.
Yes, a double songfic. Told you this fandom was fun.

Oh, and here’s a title for ya-

My chocolate covered boyfriend RemusLupin
Wut? This is Digimon, not Harry Potter. ...Granted, this is actually a roleplay with a friend who has the username “RemusLupin”. But that kinda makes it more WTF-worthy.

And the winner, inside a Taiora fic-
“Yeah, I know, Tai and Sora are OOC, but 1)it's ten years after 02 and 2)I've only seen eight episodes of 'Digimon,' three of which were 02 and Tai and Sora were barely in them.”
Then why are you writing Digimon fic?!

Showbusiness just got a lot scarier [Talk Show Hosts]

Someone decided to make a fic about all the talk show hosts going up against Jay Leno. Because apparently Jay Leno is not just guilty of the whole Tonight Show debacle – he's also a rapist/racist/all around creep! And by the way, everyone's gay! (and it's actually explained why in the fic, believe it or not). It's about as offensive as it sounds.

Features bizarro versions of all your favorite hosts (who are all doing each other?), including Conan O'Brien, Dave Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Stewart & Colbert and more.

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Another Excuse - Klaus

This just in...

I've been under the weather the past few days. That's the only reason I can think of that would possess me to click on the JUST IN link in the Pit. I saw this summary for a fic in the DC Elseworlds fandom, of which I know zero.

Alpha-centauri: this story is bout a half dragon/phoenix trying to find his own way in life. after his family destroyed there universe they were forced to move to a star called alpha centauri along with other fugitives of his universe. while he is trying to figure out who he is and deal with school and stuff he learned that something followed them.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors aside, there are still more words in this summary than there are in the two chapters posted, which is because they aren't really chapters. They're an announcement of a story to follow. Um...why bother posting anything if you don't actually have a fic?

And for the records, WTF is a half dragon/phoenix? How does one live on a star? After surviving a universe destroying Apocalypse, he goes back to school? Just how old is scale and feather boy anyway?

This looks sporkatacular just from the summary alone.

Update: Less than 2 hours and this gem has already been deleted.
Fire Emblem OTP

I bring you a few Harry Potter quotes worth WTFing at...

but as the students return for their seventh year at Hogwarts, why has Draco become a baby bore?
And that's for calling one of your house mates that heinous epitaph!
I don’t know what you’re up to or what convoluted plan you’re thinking up, but Harry isn’t rational right now. He just went through inheritance in the worst possible way, and ran off to who knows where carrying a severed head.